The smallest version of Surrey Brass is the Quintet.

Whilst the main 10-piece ensemble is used for big concerts, (and is often supplemented with other performers including percussion, keyboard and choir to make a really impressive impact), the quintet enables us to play in many more places and reach new audiences.


Popular for both indoor and outdoor entertainment, casual and serious, the Quintet suits smaller venues and budgets.

We are proud that the Surrey Brass Quintet leads our charitable effort, regularly performing at charitable fundraising events,

It is also available for paid engagements at affordable prices.


The quintet format is great for a more informal and accessible concert style. Members of the group often give short talks on a variety of interesting subjects, providing background to the music and the people that wrote it. We have also run musical quizzes and included other more interactive elements into the performance to involve our audiences much more closely than is possible with the larger group.

The Quintet format is ideal for education - since the entire brass family is on stage we can demonstrate all the instruments to the audience. Altogether much more fun for everyone!


The versatility of Surrey Brass means we perform many different kinds of music, in different places and in different configurations.

The standard instrumentation of two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba has been established for many years which means there is a huge repertoire available including all kinds of music imaginable - and we play most of it! Our quintet repertoire occupies a dozen large library boxes in our librarian's garage and more is available by arrangement. So, whatever the event, we've got exactly the right music for it.


If you would like to enquire about the quintet for your event, please Contact us.

Sample Tracks

Most of these are live recordings, so please excuse the odd blemish.



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